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At Vermitech, we believe in sustainable agriculture practices that enhance the health of our soil, plants, and environment. We use innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality organic crops and livestock, without relying on harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Vermitech Co. Limited uses vermiculture and biochar technologies to process farm waste, market waste and household waste into organic Bio-char based and water-based (foliar) fertilizers for use by smallholder farmers in rural Kenya. These provides nutrients in a readily available form, enhance the uptake of nutrients by plants and contain beneficial micro-organisms that are essential for replenishing soil and enhancing biodiversity.

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Vermitech has formed partners and teams with a vast wealth of experience in agribusiness environments thus providing the following key fields competitively with confidence and highest level of professionalism: We employ modern efficient and practical agro-business techniques. We also empower existing, new and young farmers with knowledge and skills on how to do profitable farming with affordable innovation and technology.

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